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Lens options for the Projector & Projector Plus
SURROUND MIRROR: The high performance SURROUND MIRROR lens with pink base tint. For ultimate depth perception and high contrasts in various light conditions. A true all-arounder for the whole season. RED PLASMA MIRROR: Light brown base lens including MARKER’s newly developed PLASMA MIRROR guarantees high contrast vision in sunny and slightly clouded conditions. The red high performance mirror is perfectly suited to absorb the most extreme bright lights. GREEN PLASMA MIRROR: Dark brown base lens tint with green PLASMA MIRROR, especially developed for ultra bright and sunny days. Gives you that extra bit of focus on the action and reduces eye fatigue. CLARITY MIRROR: Light rose base lens tint for maximum depth perception and high contrast definition in low light conditions. The high performance MULTI LAYER MIRROR boosts all natural colors even in foggy and snowy conditions. BLACK LIGHT HD: The polarized SMOKE base lens tint brightens all details and provides an unmatched visual precision, absorbing maxi-mum stray light. The perfect match for very sunny to slightly clouded days. Even in extreme conditions, the BLACK LIGHT HD (high definition) guarantees the best possible view. BLUE HD MIRROR: Total concentration on your riding: The polarized SMOKE base lens tint with BLUE MIRROR absorbs a maximum of stray light, boosting visual precision. The high performance lens for very bright days cuts glare and reduces eye fatigues.


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Assorted Projector Lenses
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