Body Vest Hybrid Men 2.15 OTIS

To achieve even better impact absorption, comfort, and freedom of movement, we combined the new, ultra-flexible HYBRID MAP protector and its sandwich design with ultra-premium, breathable textiles and a quick-release belt. For the first time, three MAP layers of different stiffnesses and thicknesses come together in one highly flexible multi-layer construction. Each individual layer features its own individual properties, harmonized to the specific requirements placed upon it: greater energy absorption, thanks to a 15% increase in time to maximum impact, which results in better energy absorption. The thinner layup also allows greater air circulation for greater comfort. Because the individual layers of the sandwich construction are only linked to one another in the middle below the supplemental spine protection, each layer can slide independently during movement, automatically adjusting to the wearer?s back as it twists and extends. Flexible, breathable mesh material in the upper area and ripstop nylon above the MAP protector make the vest more comfortable to wear. A belt has been integrated into the outside of the vest to make it easier to put on and adjust, with Velco closures that allow you make both the one-time rough size setting and fine adjustments in seconds flat. In the case of HYBRID protectors, the whole is much more than the sum of its individual parts: HYBRID MAP protectors exceed the protective performance of its predecessor, with an unbeatable combination of light weight, material thickness and impact absorption.


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